Attend Our Annual Meeting Feb 13, 2021

The 93rd Annual Meeting of the Philalethes Society

11 a.m., Saturday, February 13, 2021

The 2021 meeting will be held over internet conference software rather than in person. To participate please request an invitation from our secretary at

2021 Annual Meeting
This meeting is open to all Philalethes members and interested persons. Agenda items include officer reports, year-end financials, and 2021 budget recommendations.

Guest Speaker: Adam Kendall, MPS
History and Tradition: The Material Culture of Freemasonry

For over three hundred years, Freemasonry’s lessons have inspired elaborate rituals and a complex symbolic language, giving rise to a vibrant industry that once produced an array of instructional artworks and richly decorated ceremonial regalia. From the beginning, Masons publicly displayed their mysterious symbols in a variety of media despite being famously known as a secret society. This dual nature—public yet private—allowed Masons to employ an exclusive language of their own and to publicly express a sense of mystery and antiquity. A study of Freemasonry’s material culture can lead to a thoughtful assessment of the fraternity’s role within mainstream society.

This presentation will provide a historical overview of Masonic decorative arts and how they can provide a more nuanced approach to individual and institutional interpretations of the Craft.

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