The Certificate of Literature Award

John Black Vrooman, FPS, described the Philalethes Society's Certificate of Literature Award as ”a just reward for literary and Masonic endeavor…certified on the basis of worth, human interest and research.“

year author article
1956 James R. Case, FPS The Hamilton Bi-Centennial
1957 Allen Cabaniss, MPS Importance of the Fellow Craft's Degree
1958 Ronald E. Heaton, FPS Notes on a List of Some Conjectured American Freemasons
1959 Roscoe Pound, FPS What Is Law?
1960 William I. Cummings, FPS Masonic Background
1961 Allen E. Roberts, FPS Masonry Under Two Flags
1962 Norman C. Dutt, FPS The Lewis Mason
1963 Andrew J. White, FPS Let‘s Take A New Look At Masonic Funerals
1965 Alphonse Cerza, FPS Recommended Masonic Reading
1966 Ross Hepburn, FPS Freemasonry in New Zealand
1968 Harold V. B. Voorhis, FPS Two Theories to Look Into
1970 Franklin J. Anderson, FPS The Soul of Freemasonry
1971 Eugene S. Hopp, FPS Defining Freemasonry: Tradition Becomes Practical
1973 Dwight L. Smith, FPS Of Landmarks and Cuspidors
1974 John Nocas, FPS Josephus: The Great Jewish Historian
1975 Alex Horne, FPS Prince Edwin, A.D. 926: Our First "Speculative Mason"
1976 Mervin B. Hogan, FPS The Confrontation of G.M. Abraham Jonas and John Cook Bennett at Nauvoo
1978 Louis C. King, FPS How A Cathedral Was Built
1979 Charles Cuthrie, FPS Rob Morris and The Conservators in Kentucky
1980 John Mauk Hilliard, FPS The Lodge as Primary Community
1981 Richard H. Sands, FPS Physicists, The Royal Society, and Freemasonry
1982 Leslie L. Walker, Jr., MPS Did Shakespeare Create Masonic Ritual?
1983 Keith Arrington, FPS Iowa's Masonic Magazines: The Battling Editors
1984 Wallace McLeod, FPS Why Saint Alban?
1985 Louis L. Williams, FPS Sir Christopher Wren
1986 Leslie L. Walker, Jr., MPS Of Oaths, Vows, and Obligations
1987 Robin L. Carr, MPS Peter Shaffer‘s Amadeus and Freemasonry; Goethe and the Universal Man
1988 Joseph E. Bennett, FPS
1989 Robert C. Barnard, MPS The Mystery of the Death of Meriwether Lewis
1990 George H.T. French, MPS
1991 David Crockett, MPS The Evolution of Masonic Thought
1992 Melvyn Friendly, MPS The Masonic Connection With the Oregon Constitution
1993 John M. Boersma, MPS Brother Mozart
1994 Nelson C. King, FPS
1995 Herbert G. Gardiner, MPS The Glory and Travail of a Bygone Era
1996 Bob Ellenwood, MPS
1997 Alain Bernheim, MPS
1998 S. Brent Morris, FPS
1999 Robert L. Uzzel, MPS
2000 William E. Parker, MPS
2002 W. Preston Vaughn, MPS The Masonic Home and School of Texas, 1920–1940
2003 Milo D. Dailey IV, MPS
2004 John L. Cooper III, FPS Freemasonry and Societal Change
2006 Terry L. Tilton, FPS A Minnesota Tale
2008 Phillip Jack Buta, FPS The God Conspiracy
2009 Robert G. Davis, FPS William Preston: Architect of the American Craft Ritual
2010 Thomas D. Worrel, MPS The Art of Memory and the Spiritual Practice of the Seven Liberal Arts
2012 Michael A. Halleran, FPS “Hold On, Boys…” Freemasonry in the Border War, 1854–1865
2013 Peter Paul Fuchs, MPS Labor Hidden and Exposed: Freemasonry’s Midwifery of Religious Freedom
2016 Jedediah French, MPS Rebuilding the Temple: The Work of Jean-Bapiste Willermoz
2019 Walter M. Macdougall, FPS The Masonic Voyage Beyond: Bonded by Vision